Connectivity of green and blue infrastructures: living veins for biodiverse and healthy cities



How does nature circulate through cities?

Nature is the lifeblood of urban environments. Parks bring urban residents clean air, cooler temperatures, beauty and wellbeing. Parks act as corridors for many animals, plants, and other living things that need nesting spots, food, and ways across the city. In this project, we ask how to cities can care for nature while nature cares for cities.

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Project duration: March 2017- March 2020

Project Objectives
The main objective of BIOVEINS is to provide, together with local stakeholders, the knowledge to identify the critical features of green and blue infrastructure (GBI), to guide the establishment, management and restoration of GBI, and to mitigate the effects of major urban global challenges, like habitat fragmentation, air pollution, and urban heat islands.
This main objective will be accomplished by several specific objectives:

(i) to analyse, together with local stakeholders, the actual and planned GBI from an urban planning perspective, determine representative sampling plots and derive prior actions based on specific objectives (ii) – (iv);

(ii) to assess the FD for a variety of taxonomic groups differing in dispersion ability, sensitivity to environmental conditions and use of resources within GBI to link the considered taxa to ESs and to determine the importance of GBI connectivity on urban biodiversity;

(iii) to assess the impact of proportion, configuration and connectivity of urban GBI on provisioning and regulating ESs by an experimental and modelling approach, and link these ESs to the data obtained in (i-ii) to assess the role of TD and FD on these ESs; and

(iv) to provide tools, best practices, and guidelines for the stakeholders about how to improve urban GBI and how to enhance multifunctional ESs for people and nature.

As BIOVEINS progresses, reports and publications will be downloadable from this website.

BIOVEINS BIOVEINS is a research project funded by BiodivERsA, a European H2020 ERA-NET COFUND scheme, Grant Number H2020 BiodivERsA32015104.