Connectivity of green and blue infrastructures: living veins for biodiverse and healthy cities


Welcome to the BIOVEINS blog!

Here I will be letting you know about how the project is progressing, and about issues related to cities, parks, gardens, urban biodiversity and related themes. I hope to show you how the science behind the project is carried out. If you have any requests for topics you would like to see me address, or questions you would like me to answer in a blog post, please get in touch! (See the sidebar for contact details.)

A little about me: I am a Marie Curie FP7 COFUND Agreenskills fellow, which means I have a research grant from the European Union, based in Paris at the National Institute for Agricultural Research and AgroParisTech. I am an ecologist, and I am currently researching how nature conservation projects should be designed so that they work well for rural people and smallholders. I mainly work in Chile. As part of the "co-funding" deal I also work as the communications officer for BIOVEINS. I am excited about this! Despite researching rural issues and nature, I am kind of a city person. I am also very interested in how humans and other species can and do interact and live together. I am working with a great design team (g.u.i.) to bring you what I hope will be an interesting and stimulating website, which is currently in progress. We will be adding more cool things as we go.

--Meredith Root-Bernstein